How can I adapt my favorite traditional recipes to the pressure cooker?

There are no universal guidelines and, in some cases, this may involve a series of trial and errors. However, there are three key elements that you will need to keep in mind for successful results.
Cooking times: Although cooking times vary according to the size or thickness of the food, generally speaking pressure cookers cook foods in about 1/3 the time of conventional cooking methods so if a beef stew normally takes 2 hours, in a pressure cooker it will only take 40 minutes.
Amount of Liquid: Make sure there is enough liquid used to create the steam, usually a minimum of 300ml/10fl.oz. Bear in mind that the longer the cooking time the more liquid is needed. In general add another 150ml/5fl.oz.f or each extra 15 minutes of cooking.
Pressure release methods: Whether you should cool the cooker immediately or let pressure drop of its own accord depends on the type of food being prepared. The Cooking Time Chart gives the recommended methods to depressurize the cooker for all types of foods.

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