How do I release the pressure from my Magefesa pressure cooker?

When the food has finished cooking, remove the pressure cooker from the burner. Even though the pressure cooker is no longer in contact with the heat source, the contents will continue to cook until the temperature and level of pressure drop. There are three ways of releasing cooking pressure in a pressure cooker:

  • The Natural-Release Method: Foods like stocks, tomato sauces, and certain cuts of meat benefit from continuing to cook in the pressure cooker as the pressure and temperature drop naturally after the unit is removed from the burner. The natural-release method can take anywhere from 10 minutes to over 30 minutes, depending on the kind of food in the pressure cooker and how much of it there is. You will know when the pressure has dropped completely once the spring-loaded pressure indicator lowers completely.
  • The Cold-Water Release Method: For the most part, you will want to lower and release the cooking pressure as quickly as possible in order to stop the cooking process. The quickest way to do this is to carefully take the pressure cooker from the stove and bring it to the sink. Place it in the sink in a tilted position, and allow a small amount of cold water to run over the lid of the cooker. This will stabilize the temperature and force the pressure to dissipate in a matter of seconds. You will normally hear a decompressing sound-almost like a swooshing “pop”-once all the pressure has been released.
  • The Automatic-Release Method:  All Magefesa super-fast pressure cooker models  such as Ideal, Mageplus and Practika Plus feature an automatic release setting, which enables you to release without having to place the pressure cooker under cold water. Simply turn the switch to the icon resembling a steam cloud and the pressure will quickly release.

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