Why doesn’t my pressure cooker build up pressure?

There can be numerous reasons why pressure would not build up in your pressure cooker.  Not enough cooking liquid. Always use a sufficient amount of cooking liquid for the type of food being prepared and the length of cooking. Consult the pressure-cooker recipe you are following for the amount of liquid.
The pressure cooker was not properly closed. Refer to the instructional manual packaged with your cooker.
The pressure cooker was not heated over high enough heat. Always heat the closed pressure cooker over high heat until high pressure has been reached.
Pressure-regulator valve is dirty and/or obstructed. The pressure-regulator valve can become dirty when cooking. Clean the valve after each use as explained in your user’s manual.
The gasket is improperly positioned, dirty or worn. Always check to make sure that the gasket is in place and properly inserted before attempting to use the pressure cooker. The gasket should be removed from the lid and washed after each use. Refer to your instruction manual for care and maintenance tips. After continued use, gasket will begin to wear or dry out. It should be replaced at least once a year or more often if the pressure cooker is used more frequently.

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